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August 12, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

Matthew Sullivan’s Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter – TPBP Summer Collection 2016

Matthew Sullivan

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In the lead up to The People’s Book Prize 2016 we caught up with author Mathew Sullivan to talk about his children’s book

Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter


Where did the idea of MELVIN McGEE: ZOMBIE HUNTER come from?

I wanted to write a story for the age group I taught that was unlike anything they had read before. I love dystopian fiction myself, and I’d thought about a zombie apocalypse story, but tales like that are usually the stuff of grown-up films and TV shows. Even so, I decided to try out a few chapters of a zombie survival tale for kids, focusing on the efforts of a couple of ten-year-old would-be heroes. The challenge from the off lay in treading the wafer-thin line between gory zombie horror and funny grossness, all while creating an exciting story with characters that children could relate to. Needless to say, I ended up writing more than a couple of chapters! Once I started, I couldn’t stop; the book was great fun to write.

Creative Educational Press Ltd publish a variety of brilliant authors, what is it like to be in the company of talented writers?

To me, the most amazing thing about Creative Educational Press is the impact that the material they put out has on children’s enthusiasm for reading and writing across the globe. Their educational books helps teachers to engage pupils in literacy, while their apps and word games make learning fun. I am very proud and grateful that I was given the opportunity to write Creative Educational Press’s first feature-length novel for children!

Have you got a message for your readers?

Yes, and it’s an EXTREMELY important one. Keep a very close eye on your teachers – especially the nice ones. If their eyes start going yellow, their skin turns grey, and they start mumbling about being peckish for pickled brains… RUN!

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m currently working on a new book – this time for a slightly older (but still young!) audience – about an interstellar mission to another planet to find an element which might save the entire population of Earth! It’s a modest venture. I’d also love to write another Melvin McGee book, and have a very juicy idea for a sequel…

Any suggestions to support libraries?

School trips to libraries are always great fun! Children get to know where their local library is and what’s on offer, and when I took my class, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters! Needless to say, I didn’t have to look very hard for a costume; I already had a Captain America uniform hanging in my wardrobe.

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Twitter: @InspiredMind5

Instagram is m.j.sullivan


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