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August 12, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

Carol E Wyer – TPBP Summer Collection 2016

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In the lead up to The People’s Book Prize 2016 we caught up with author Carol E Wyer to talk about her non-fiction book

Surfing in Stilettos

Where did the idea of SURFING IN STILETTOS come from?

I used to live in France in the region that I write about in the book. The idea came from a fusion of ideas and thoughts. My husband was retiring and we discussed the possibility of travelling around Europe in a camping car but decided we wouldn’t get as far as Dover before we started getting on each others nerves, and the fact one day, I spotted a broken down VW camper van on a hill outside Caylus. The couple sat glumly by the road waiting for assistance. The woman was not sitting on an orange Space Hopper like Amanda in the book but it sparked a thought.

Some of the characters in the book are based on real people – Bibi for one was based on one of my eccentric friends in France. Ted the dog is real although he sadly passed away a couple of months ago at the grand old age of nineteen. And, Amanda’s mother is based on my own effervescent mother who loved the character so much she began to morph into her and copied her by getting a tablet and setting up Skype even though she’s 82!

The story has a moral though and warns of the dangers of the Internet. I was stalked a few years ago on Facebook and so I incorporated a little of that into the story which is a hilarious tale of what happens when two grown ups go on a gap year that doesn’t work out the way they planned.

Delancey Press publishes a variety of brilliant authors, what is it like to be in the company of talented writers?

Being among talented authors makes you try even harder with your own writing! I find I am constantly trying to meet new standards and be a better writer.

Have you got a message for your readers?

A sincere than you for your support and messages, emails and tweets. Your encouragement is what keeps me going on those long days when I have 125,000 words to write and am sitting with brain freeze wondering if I can come up with a good enough plot and book this time around. Nothing makes me happier than to know you have laughed your way through one of my books. Laughter is a medicine and I hope my novels and books help you feel better.

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect another humorous release from me in September. I’ve written a lot of comedy and now I’m allowing the dark side of my personality to emerge from the shadows and am working on the first of a series of psychological thrillers for next year. True to form, I have a comedy on the go as well for those days when I feel like some light relief. I can’t seem to stay serious for too long!

Any suggestions to support libraries?

I try to regularly support libraries. They are all trying hard to woo readers back through their doors by putting on events. I perform a standup comedy routine called ‘Smile While You Still have Teeth’ and have taken it around many libraries in the Black Country. It makes a change from the author talk that I also do when invited.

I signed up with the RNA some years ago and they have a list of authors who are willing to talk in libraries. I have done the same in France at libraries that are often used by ex-pats. I am one of those people who was brought up to use the library and went every Friday evening wit my family to choose new books to read for the week. I hate seeing our libraries being forced to close through lack of use. Without the libraries and all the books I read I would not have become a writer myself. I suggest that all writers offer their services and do a talk or similar. They won’t get paid much (if anything) but it is very worthwhile.


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