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July 9, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

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In the lead up to The People’s Book Prize 2016 we caught up with author Alan Plenderleith to talk about his children’s book

The Tiny Tree

Allan Plenderleith is a professional scriptwriter for children’s television with over 20 years experience in the industry, (Thomas & Friends, Horrid Henry, Tree Fu Tom, The Numtums, Noddy in Toytown, Driver Dan’s Story Train, Tilly & Friends and many more), author and illustrator of over 50 books, development executive on many shows writing bibles and pilot scripts, an award winning director and app developer with over 7 million downloads. He also teaches drawing and writing clubs at schools to children of all ages, Manga Mastersand The Smelly Sprout Storybook Club, which encourage budding young writers to write and illustrate their own brilliant little stories.

When did you start writing?

I have been a scriptwriter for over 20 years working mainly on children’s television shows such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Noddy and Horrid Henry.  My first children’s book was written in 2007.

As an Author, what influences you the most?

Roald Dahl and Raymond Briggs – both master storytellers and not afraid to be a little bit cruel in their stories and move their young readers.

Where did the idea for this book originate?

The Tiny Tree is a story I have been longing to tell for some time.  Every Christmas I visit the garden centre with the children and choose the most impressive tree I can find – but part of me looks at the other smaller trees and feels sorry for them.  They have taken a long time to grow and their sole purpose has been to be a Christmas tree, yet if no one chooses them they end up on the scrap heap.  The story of the tree which wants to bring happiness to a family is one which I wanted to tell.

The People’s Book Prize nominees are voted for by the readers, how important are your readers to you?

There is nothing more important than the readers – it’s the reason I write, making that connection between you and a young reader through a little book – it’s a wonderful thing. The People’s Book Prize is a fantastic opportunity for authors and I wish all the nominees the best of luck!

We like to think there’s a voice for everyone in Publishing – what is your opinion?

Everyone has a story to tell – I admire publishers who take risks and take readers on journeys they have never been on before.

What book influenced you most as a writer and what are you reading at the moment?

I always read books with my children and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is our favourite.  Funny, and cruel and magical.

What can we expect from you in the future? What are you writing at the moment?

My next book is called The Snowman Strikes Back, a picture book which tackles the subject of bullying, a hidden topic which often gets brushed under the carpet.



Find Allan at:

Facebook:   bigalplendy

Twitter:   @alplendy

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