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July 5, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

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In the lead up to The People’s Book Prize 2016 we caught up with author Josie Goodbody to talk about her novel

The Diamond Connection

Josie Goodbody is a British author and jewellery historian. Born in London, she grew up in Dorset. While reading French Language & Literature at the University of Exeter, Josie spent a year living and working press relations in Paris; firstly at Chanel and then at Christian Dior. This experience led her to work in the luxury goods industry in London, latterly as Head of Press at one of the most prestigious fine jewellery houses in the world, Graff Diamonds. She started writing her first novel while living in Monaco and finished it in Buenos Aires. She is currently writing the second in The Diamond Connection series.

When did you start writing?

I started writing little stories when I was around 8-years-old; my mother always encouraged reading, and I wanted to have a go at writing too.

As an Author, What Influences You the Most?

Again – I think my mother firstly; but also all the novels that I have read over the years. Women authors like Jackie Collins; Santa Montefiore and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Where did the idea for this book originate?

I was Global Head of PR for a significant fine jewellery house, based in London. While there I read LaurenWeisberger’s The Devil Wears Prada and realised that similar extraordinary things happened in my job almost on a daily basis … then in 2009 there was a heist with £40m stolen in under five minutes. All this fed my brain with ideas, and my personal trials and tribulations contributed to the story

The People’s Book Prize nominees are voted for by the readers, how important are your readers to you?

Readers are so important – without readers, there would be no books. I think the reading of books is one of the most important things a child can learn to love for the rest of its life. And I don’t believe that it matters what it is that you read – heavyweight literary fiction, science fiction, the classics or chick lit – it helps calm your mind and teach you about another world – whether fantastical or factual.

We like to think there’s a voice for everyone in Publishing – what is your opinion?

Yes, there is – I think self-publishing is such a huge step forward – it gives people the opportunity to have their voice heard, no matter what the traditionals say. Rejection is terrible and few pursue their love of doing something if they have been rejected – self-publishing and ebooks give people the opportunity to feel successful; which in this increasingly competitive world – is terribly important, for self-esteem and fulfilment.

Josie GoodbodyHeddon publishes a variety of brilliant authors, what is it like to be in the company of talented writers?

It is a huge honour to be listed amongst Heddon’s stable of authors. And I feel that we all support each other in our love of writing and reading under the kind and considerate Katherine Smith, also an author

What book influenced you most as a writer and what are you reading at the moment?

I think perhaps Wilbur Smith’s The Burning Shore affected me in several ways… I learnt about the diamond industry; sadness; love and treachery – plus Jilly Cooper’s Riders. I read them both while studying for my Common Entrance aged 12 years old – how I passed the exams I have no idea!! I have just finished reading Maestra by LS Hilton … an incredible thriller set in the art world – something I learnt a great deal about while working in the diamond industry. I loved recognising characters and places… having lived in both London and Paris, and spent summers on the French Riviera. (all of which you will discover in my next novel!)

What can we expect from you in the future? What are you writing at the moment?

I am currently drafting the second book in The Diamond Connection series – entitled To Catch a Cat and based on a mystery that started in the days preceding Grace Kelly’s wedding in 1956… and concerns the real life jewels thieves – the Pink Panthers.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I’d just like to say how terribly grateful and thrilled I am to be a finalist in this prize; it feels such an honour and puts to rest my fears of rejection by my readers! Only encouraging me to keep writing!


Find Josie at:

josiegoodbody (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)


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