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June 9, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

TPBP – Summer Collection – Fiction – “Short Stories” By Catryn Power

Short Stories By Catryn Power

Published by OnStream Publications
ISBN 9781897685570
Category short stories
Summer 2016


Catryn Power’s debut collection of short fiction is a love letter to her career in archaeology.
We meet the ghost of a French nurse, a forensic anthropologist solving a decades-old murder, and an international gem smuggler.
Join her characters as they escape attackers in an ancient crypt, relive the murder of an old Irish knight and uncover human remains in the trenches of World War One.
Intrigue and forensics fuse in these ethereal tales of history and the supernatural. Power’s stories will captivate and surprise you.

Author’s Biography

Catryn Power is a former Cork County Archaeologist who specialises in paleopathology and physical anthropology. She has worked on numerous excavations throughout Ireland and abroad and taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in University College Cork. She has written internationally on her projects for journals and magazines. In 2012, she was shortlisted by the Fish Short Story Prize for ‘The Officer’s Son’ and in 2013 her story ‘Thomas and Marigold’ was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Short Story Prize.

Price £10

Read an extract, read reviews or buy this book here or come and see the rest of the Summer collection at The Peoples Book prize

home pageThe People’s Book Prize is the unique literary competition that is judged by the nation and open to all UK publishing companies.

You Be the Judge : The People’s Book Prize – “The home for new and undiscovered works”

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