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May 3, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

The People’s Book Prize – Spring Collection – Children – “The Gift” by Rebecca J. Hubbard


The Gift By Rebecca J. Hubbard

Published by Ravenswood Publishing
ISBN 001 978-1515181835
Category 5 years and up
Spring 2016


All eleven-year old Pip wanted was a best friend. When Pip gets a horse for her birthday she is delighted. She thinks that the horse she names Buck will be her best friend from the moment that they meet. But she finds out that friendship does not come that easily. With her father’s help Pip discovers how to make Buck a true friend.
After leaving his own herd, to move to Pip’s house, Buck is looking for a relationship that will help him feel safe. He, too, learns that making a friend takes patience and understanding.

Author’s Biography

Rebecca J. Hubbard grew up with horses and is blessed by the magic of their friendship. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist who provides treatment to traumatized children. She lives in North Carolina with her two dogs, cat and horse.


The Gift by Rebecca J Hubbard is told in two halves, first from Pip’s point of view and then from Buck’s. The way the story is written will appeal to children of all ages and some will find the second half funny, with some of the descriptions that Buck uses to describe Pip! The illustrations help to bring it to life. There are also a few lessons in life for children to learn here, about how to make true friendships. It was a good move on the author’s part to write the story in two parts, from two points of view, as it shows children that there are always two sides to everything, two viewpoints from which to see a situation. Nice book, well written, and I highly recommend it.   Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite.
Price £8.32

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