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March 9, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

The People’s Book Prize – Spring Collection Fiction “A New Menace”

A New Menace

By Roger A. Price  Published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd  ISBN 9781843869467
The author is a retired detective inspector who had been in charge of a covert unit that received national acclaim for its successes in engaging those who openly sold Class A drugs.
He also worked on murders, drugs squads, and the regional and national crime squads.

Author’s Biography

Newly retired from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, John Burrows is shocked to be called back by his old bosses for one last job. And not just any job – he’s on the tail of his old adversary, the infamous Jonny Moon, a dangerous and volatile criminal who will stop at nothing to get his own way. When a civilian is kidnapped and tortured by Moon’s associates after a botched surveillance operation, Burrows knows he’s in deep water.


After reading A New Menace I was left wanting more! – Crime Book Club,
Artful writing with a genuinely enthralling plot and a cracking denouement – Book Viral Spotlight:

Read an extract or buy this book here or come and see the rest of the Spring collection at The Peoples Book prize
home pageThe People’s Book Prize is the unique literary competition that is judged by the nation and open to all UK publishing companies.

You Be the Judge : The People’s Book Prize – “The home for new and undiscovered works

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