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March 1, 2016 / peoplesbookprize

People’s Book Prize announces winners for winter collection …

Finalists for Winter 2015 (December, January, February)

That Special Someone
by Tanya Bullock  published by Blackbird Digital Books
16mm of Innocence by Quentin Smith  published by Matador
Deadly Determination by Ian Jackson   published by Percy Publishing

Non Fiction:
Swallows & Robins
by Susie Kelly published by Blackbird Digital Books
Love Your Bones
by Max Tuck published by Hammersmith Books Limited
The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting
by Kate Blincoe  published by Green Books

Everybody’s Special  by Tamara Rattigan published by Burst Universe Publishing  

The Tiny Tree  by Allan Plenderleith  published by Ravette Publishing Ltd
Madeleine Goes to the Moon  by Peter Lynas published by English Rose Publishing

Come and see the Spring collection at The Peoples Book prize
home pageThe People’s Book Prize is the unique literary competition that is judged by the nation and open to all UK publishing companies.

You Be the Judge : The People’s Book Prize – “The home for new and undiscovered works

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