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April 25, 2013 / peoplesbookprize

The Traumatised Society By Fred Harrison

The People’s Book Prize Spring Collection – today’s highlighted book is:

The Traumatised Society By Fred Harrison

ISBN 9780856832871
Category History
Spring 2013


This “decline of the West” prognosis, grounded in a study of the evolution of humanity, defines the natural laws on which societies rely for their viability. Synthesising insights from anthropology, evolutionary psychology and history, it exposes the cheating that caused the collapse of past civilisations and now threatens Western civilisation.

Author’s Biography

After a career as a Fleet Street investigative journalist, Harrison became a consultant to Russian academic and political bodies to help them implement a more equitable transition to a market economy. Subsequently he turned his attention to the failure of economic analysis and public policies in the market economies.


‘This profound book … of ideas and wisdom which could transform the way they look at the world’ Ekklesia

 …rent-seeking by a wealthy class … hooked on accumulating greater wealth is the cancer that has brought down many more civilisations than the present one.’ The Guardian
Price: £17.95
Once again thank you for your comments and for making The People’s Book Prize “a truly democratic book prize decided exclusively by the public”

Peoples Book Prize

23 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6HE Ph. 020 76656605

Patron:  Frederick Forsyth CBE

Founding Patron:  Dame Beryl Bainbridge DBE



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